Exchanging Your Council House – Getting Started

Those who live in a council house or housing association property are not able to move house conventionally via buying and selling. They must move home by participating in a mutual exchange with another council house tenant. It is a fairly straight forward procedure, the hardest part is finding a suitable home or person to swap with. Most tenants will be looking for a like for like swap or even hope to improve their living conditions. In some cases a tenant will need to downsize, upsize or move to a different area completely. London Hiu Engineers

If you want to move house and exchange you are lucky in the fact that you are not alone. Many people all over the UK are in the same position and some will be desperate to find a house just like yours. What you must do is find away of reaching them as inexpensively as possible.

The two main routes to find a mutual exchange are via the local council exchange service or using websites that specialize in finding a swap.

Using your local council is usually free but it can be slow and passive. They will take your details and add your home to their list. Once this is done it is a matter of waiting for them to come up with some other properties for you to consider.   Councils are always very bureaucratic so it will take time. All details will have to be to be perfect before they will help. No rent or council tax arrears must exist and everything must be in order. All councils operate in a different way but many will only operate in their own area. Not useful if you need to move to a different part of the UK.

So you have a choice when looking to exchange your property. Either to let your council do it all for you and hope they find a house you would like to move to. The other is to actively go out and seek a property which is just what you are looking for using an exchange website.

Whichever choice of service you pick, the more effort you put in to finding a suitable property the better. When you find that perfect house, you will be glad you put the work in at the beginning.

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